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from dependency to freedom

Sometimes, we forget that we are free...

This seminar is dedicated
to anyone who aspires to be free,
to those who wish to reappropriate their own freedom.

By our dependencies,
we make the choice to renounce to our freedom.

During this seminar:

We will remember that we are free and that choosing fears we renounce our freedom.

In order to be free, you will undertake a path of liberation from the state of dependency and liberation from the dependency of your choice: beliefs, principles, ways of thinking, food, objects, emotional,, etc...??

To be dependent expresses a lack of recognition of one's own nature and thus an absence of connection to it.
From this absence, the being seeks his own nature outside of himself, in his dependencies.

The state of dependence as well as any form of dependency are destructive.
We can say that all suffering is generated by the state of dependence.
To be dependent is to make the choice of destruction and self-destruction.

Being dependent is a state in which we give power to products, objects, people, ways of thinking, etc... over ourselves, and so we choose to be the slave of the subject to whom we give power.

To be free is to renounce any form of dependency.


3 days (From Friday to Sunday)


Friday  10:00-13.30  /  15:30-20:00
Saturday  09:00-13:00  /  15:00-19:00
Sunday      09:00-12:00  /  14:00-15:15


French and Italian.
For english speakers, please contact us.


540.- CHF


Sheva Center
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