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Chakras Course

Contents of the course:

Opening, exposing, singing and experiencing the sound "AOM", and its characteristics.
Its energetic power, its subtility in each of its letters and their effects.
In wich way to use it and in which circumstances.

Working on the chakras, identifying the imbalances. Creating the adequate treatment.
Identifying personal qualities and how to use these qualities in daily life.

We will learn to direct our voice, in a frame a treatment, taking in consideration the chakras and their functions and qualities.

We will start to activate our vision and take in consideration their importance in the road of healing.

The angels, 10 personal angels, know them, dialoging with them, their support in my way toward awareness.

How to indentifying the right approach for each person.
(For example: with some people the treatment will be by massage, with other by the voice and sometimes with cristals, instruments, sound, ect...)
An opening toward richness, of aspects and approaches that are unique to each one.

Identifying my healing place in my life and guiding the client to find his own.

the right distance in the treatment between me and the client.

Of course, we will develope certains subjects that we already approach during the massage course:
the reflection, the no judgement, identifying the choice.


4 times 3 days (from Friday to Sunday)


Friday  10.00 to 13.30  15.30 to 19.00
Saturday  09.00 to 13.00  15.00 to 20.00
Sunday  09.00 to 12.00  14.00 to 16.00


2160.- CHF


Sheva Center
Via Lucerna 7
CH-6900 Lugano

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