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Passage seminar

27 - 29. 12. 2024

Sometimes, we forget that we are magicians ...

As human beings,
we have the ability to go through dimensions.
From immaterial to material
and from material to immaterial.

We have the faculty to give life
to an idea, a project, a dream,
to bring into the material world what is manifested
in the invisible, in our heart.

We also have the faculty to undo, dematerialize
what we do not want in our lives anymore.

We will close the year and open to the next year,
by reminding ourselves that we are magicians.


3 days.
From Friday to Sunday.


Friday  10:00-13.30  /  15:30-20:00
Saturday     09:00-13:00  /  15:00-19:00
Sunday  09:00-12:00  /  14:00-15:15


French and Italian.
For english speakers, please contact us.


540.- CHF


Sheva Center
Via Lucerna 7
CH-6900 Lugano

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