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From conflict to peace seminar

The being who is responsible
for his own thoughts, words and actions,
and who is aware that being at peace is a choice,
offers himself and the world around him
a perspective of peace.

Themes of the seminar:

In order to undertake a path towards peace, it is fundamental to consider the conflictual state.

The being who is in a conflictual state will cause harm, both to himself and to those around him.
In order to make peace with oneself and with the world, it is essential to consider the harm suffered and the harm caused.

Managing the harm, the pain suffered or caused, is primordial in the peace process.

The being who rejects the harm suffered or caused will produce all sorts of attitudes that will produce more harm. Responding to harm with harm, with ignorance, indifference, resentment, complaint, hatred, reproach, arrogance and attachment to destructive principles.

The being who accepts the harm suffered or caused, can undertake a path towards peace, through awareness, consideration, transparency, forgiveness, pacification, compassion and letting go.

All unresolved wounds become a source of conflicts.

As a result, a being who is in a conflictual state will generate conflicts within himself and around him, and nourish them.

A being who is on a path of peace then becomes a bearer of peace and nourishes peace.

It is on these principles that we will evolve during this seminar.

This seminar is dedicated to all those who wish to live in peace, who wish to be reconciled with themselves, with their choices, their fears, their history and their mistakes, and with the laws of creation.

We will approach these different themes through meditation, introspection and the exchange of questions and answers. 


3 days.
From Friday to Sunday.


Friday  10:00-13.30  /  15:30-20:00
Saturday  09:00-13:00  /  15:00-19:00
Sunday      09:00-12:00  /  14:00-15:15


French and Italian.
For english speakers, please contact us.


540.- CHF


Sheva Center
Via Lucerna 7
CH-6900 Lugano

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