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Voice healing studies

With the voice
Each of us
creats balance or imbalance
in and around ourselves.
The voice as a
healing tool.

Themes of the study:

coming soon...


The whole study programme is planned in three cycles.
One cycle per year.
There are 9 three-day weekends per cycle.
Each cycle is complete in itself.
To access to the next cycle
you must have completed the previous cycle.


Friday  10:00-13.30  /  15:30-20:00
Saturday  09:00-13:00  /  15:00-19:00
Sunday      09:00-12:00  /  14:00-15:15


French and Italian.
For english speakers, please contact us.


4860.- CHF, per cycle.
Modalities of the payment: 540.-CHF per weekend.


Sheva Center
Via Lucerna 7
CH-6900 Lugano

Dates and registrations: here