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Activity and passivity

When we think about activity and passivity,
many times we have the tendency to connect it to the material-physical world,
to doing and not doing.

Frequently, when we try to think about it,
we can see that constantly we carry with us a list of visions and sentences
about what we did and what we did not do and what do we still have and want to do.
And the list is long…..

In order to bring ourselves higher with our awareness and connect to our soul,
we have to look at the activity and passivity first as an attitude,
as a way of thinking that we hold on within ourselves and
then there will be the outgoing actions in our external reality (events, actions…).

Our external reality is the effect, the production of our inner reality.
The separation between external and internal reality doesn’t realy exist.
We use it only for making it more easy to understand.

Any pure thought is starting from observation, from an empty space within yourself.
The observation is letting the information that you recieve to come in
and let the feelings and the inner wisdom to percieve.
And then, the thoughts will come, and will give a translation to what we feel.
Then, if there is an act to do, then we will recognize it in our thoughts.

Today, people mostly act on believes that were planted in the mind ages ago.
Those beliefs
preach that we have to act outside in order to achieve and be successful.

This old set of beliefs is planted in many people’s mind and many time we are victims of it,
as we forget that we have a choice.

In some ways, it is more ‘comfortable’ for us to follow one way without choosing,
as it takes away responsibilty and real commitment, and also it feels known and assuring,
even if we are fed up from it, we don’t dare to rebel and abandon those ideas.

Our difficulty to take responsibility is an old story-starting from the bible.
When god asks Adam why did he eat from the tree of knoledge,
Adam answered that it is because of the wife that god gave him.
Up till now, this has not changed in us and still we put ,many times,
the responsibility on others, including god…

Being in an empty space, where we start by being quiete, by not holding to any knowledge,
but remembering that we have all the knowledge within ourselves,
then our wisdom will show us the way.
This is when we start to practice passivity.
Meaning-we are present and open ,not fixed on looking at what do I have to do in this situation.

From this empty space your real you,
your higherself can wake up and show you the easiest, lightest way, to go through,
with minimum effort and maximum effect.

Our mind tells us that we have to do, but if you look at our world,
there is much too much doing.
We are more and more doing, and our planet is getting warmer and warmer.

If you will do less, then maybe we will also destroy less,
and will let the planet recover itself by itself.

In fact, we don’t have to do for our planet-we have to stop doing
By changing the attitude, we will change also the words and our vocal expression.
No more talking about what I did, what I do, and what I plan to do.

Many time when we have to confront a problem in our lives, we tend to think
‘what do I have to do in order to solve this problem ?’

Many times the answer is about what to stop doing, what not to do.

If we look at the creation of the world, we find that god created
the world by saying, by his voice.
As we come from divinity, we can look at this creation as a guide for us to see
how we are suppose to creat our lives-the stages to creation:

1.'First there was a caos':
    first there is a problem

2. 'The wind of god was floating above the water':
    we connect to our higherself

3. God starts to distinuish between light and dark, earh and sky, ect..:
     we begin-using our thinking- to difrintiate the different elements of the problem.

4. God creats the world by his words, by saying
    (god said there will be light, and there was light)
    we creat by our voice, by our thinking, the solution, the new reality we would like to have.

So being passive is when you give your mind a rest from all the 'to do'list
and allow your thoughts just be there. This is the beginning of passivity.

Activity starts when we choose.
The first and the only real activity we do is to choose
from the different possibilities that show themselves.
follows afterwards is the act of realising the choice,
applying the choice in the material world.

We can appear very active and still be very passive inside- no choosing,
being victims and letting life carry us away.
On the the other hand we can look passive but be active inside
∞∞by choosing constantly in any moment
how do we want to live this moment.

One of our believes is that small acts bring small resaults and big act will bring big result.
Our mind tells us that we don’t do enough.
When we trust our inner wisdom we know that our soul is very experienced
and already was in those kind of situations in the past
and it will bring me to do the minimum that needs to be done
in order to achieve the maximum. Not the maximum by society defination
but for what serves her in the process of growing.

Many times we have to stop the judgment,
that is like a dictator that tells us how much we have to do.

An example for the request of our soul to reduce doing is when
we have physical condition to confront.
Many times, the first thing is demanded to healing is to reduce doing and rest.

The inner doing that starts the process of resting and healing is when
we choose inside to take care.
This is the doing that we are asked as first. To do a choice.
From there comes the thought about how to realise this choice.

The same for our energetic well being.
Many time it is about to stop the external doing,
to rest in order to do minimum efforts in order to get maximum results…

Good luck.                                     

Smadar and Friends