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Michael 1.10.2012

My message today is about relaxation and letting go,
the similarity and the differences between them. 

When we talk about relaxation we have to think about an attitude.
Now, all attitudes are created by your thoughts, by the way you look at the things.
To be in a relaxed state of being means that you agree to let the things be as they are.
You understand that all what is around you was designed exactly for you
so you can do your steps of development in this actual life.

Think that you are a traveler in this life, that your soul chose to come to this human life
for a journey, and you chose certain landscapes that you would like to see, to experience.

These landscapes are your external reality today.
This is all how you have to look at what is around you.

When you visit landscapes, you are not busy to change them,
you understand and perceive that you are just a traveler,
a visitor that observes and experiences other realities of what you know.

Here it is the same.
The reality you are living today is the landscape you chose to visit, to see in this lifetime.

The more you manage not to be busy with what is around you,
the more you can touch the state of being that is called to be relaxed.

The more you accept what is around you as it is,
the more you can focus in yourself and find relaxation. 

I suggest you to close your eyes for few minutes and try to notice
how much your energy is busy with what is outside of you, with what is around you.
This includes also thoughts of other people,
of situations that happened to you, short or long ago,
thoughts about the future, near or far future.
All is considered as landscape.

These landscapes are there in order to help you to have certain experiences,
means experience certain feelings, states of being. 

Looking at human beings from where we are,
we see you doing lots of un necessary efforts to change the landscapes.
It is as you see someone in the Himalayas that tries to dig in the earth
because he wants to bring the sea there.
This is how it looks.

I suggest you to reserve your energy and to learn to keep it for
what you really came to do here: to relax in your reality. 

Many of  you just came back from their summer vacations.
The vacations are mainly a product of the wish to change landscapes
and not accepting your reality as it is.
You look for relaxation, so you have to leave your reality to find relaxation in another place,
which many times does happen only on the physical level
and not so much on the spiritual level.

I am not talking about travels that have aim for inner inspection, reflection.
This kind of travels are very welcome, but most of the people will not call it vacation.

In order to find this relaxation, where you feel that everything is in its place as it is,
you can use the tool of letting go.

Letting go, is an act that happens in your thoughts
and then the effect of it will appear in reality.

When you don’t accept reality as it is, you are disturbing the natural flow of your life.
And how do you do that? You are holding to people, situations, thoughts,
experiences that are not in your reality today or don’t fit anymore to your reality,
and create a great intensity as there is accumulation.
What has to go away did not go as you hold it, meanwhile life goes on and brings you
new situations, new experiences, that after you will hold on too,
and with the time you feel over loaded, until the point that you need holiday…
which doesn’t solve the situation, but creates a delay.

Imagine a person that has a house where he brought in all his staff.
After some time he got some presents, he bought some new furniture,
new clothes but he still keep the old in the house.
The more time pass, the less space he has,
as his house is staffed with all what he did not let go of.
In certain point, he has to leave the house as there is no more space.

The same is with human beings and how they accumulate
within themselves irrelevant memories, concepts, emotions, exc..

As you are going now into fall and winter,
it is a very good time to do cleaning
and let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore.

The time that you are living today has a big intensity,
and changes happen very quickly.
If you want to go through it easily, learn well how to let go quickly and easily,
so you will be able to receive what arrives with more inner space.

Relaxation is a state of being, and letting go is an act.
The act is the act of choosing in your heart, in your thoughts. 

By letting go you can allow more relaxation within yourself,
and by being relaxed you can let go more easily of what needs to be freed.

Relaxation is the natural state of being of your soul.
By letting go, you are getting more close to your real nature
and to the state of relaxation.

With love

From the light,