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Who is Michael?

Michael is a high spiritual being, an archangel,
who is responsible for fine tuning and energetic intention. 

His role in this period of time is to awaken in us the need for the change that is being called for,
out of the cosmic changes that are taking place in this time and influence us a lot
whether we are aware of it or not. 

The fine tuning and intending are in the level of the higher frequencies
which means on the level of thinking, of observation and of realisation. 
Out of that mental and conceptual change will come also the practical change
in our daily life reality.


Shalom to all of you, this is Michael speaking. 
We are talking about the change of frequency, change of the way of thinking
in order for you to adjust yourself to the spirit of time. 
As many of you already know, you are experiencing now change of frequency
on the cosmic level that directly requires a change of the inner frequency - synchronising. 
You, human being, are being asked to adapt yourself to the wind of time,
to agree and to allow the change to go through you. 
You have to enable the new vibrations to vibrate in yourself in order
for you to upgrade your quality of life hence reduce sufferings in your life
and expand into the abundance and into the outer and the inner well-being. 
All you are being called for and that is very difficult for you, is for releasing,
letting go and saying 'yes'. 
We are talking about connexion to the feminine energy that knows to receive, rest and agree. 
Therefore, each one of you that think about what needs to be done while reading this lines,
is in the old way of thinking, that its time has long gone. 
The new and advanced thinking means: in each situation I have to seek  
and look for that release and that inner tranquillity so that I can allow the balanced
and the easy flow of the situation. 
The modern time, the new time speaks about lightness,
thinness- not in meaning of 'thin' but in the meaning of spacious, ventilated.
We are talking about taking off an excessive load of your shoulders. 
I offer you the next exercise for you to allow and experience that way of being:
Sit comfortably in your chair- whatever it is- and imagine yourself sinking into a comfortable
and spacious armchair. Allow all the feelings that coming up to be and try to be observers,
accepting and not judging nor interfering. 
Allow your feelings to lead you in that picture and try to avoid mental interference
and judgment of what is taking place.
Thank you and remember that we are here to guard you from yourself
that sometimes is your biggest enemy. 
This is Michael, loving, hugging and encouraging the change, the growth and the growing.