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This is Michael, responsible for balancing the vibrations.


Humanity lives now a time where there is no place for fears. A time where you are suppose to connect to your real inner essence and to let it light on you and wake you up.

The fears are the shells that cover the light that tries to break through, that try to pop up from within you in order to enable a global change.


You all chose to be part of this process of casting the shells and distribute the light, and this is the time to fulfill the promise towards yourself and towards the world around you.


Many years ago, in your times, human being chose to get into the essence of the shells in order to find the light in them.

Now it is the time to find that spark of light in the shells, in the fears and to bring it into evidence, into experience.


You should not be afraid from this process. This is a process that was defined and agreed from a head, and today you are ready for it.


The processes of casting the shells

Each one and one of you is holding part in that shell that is covering and darkening earth.

In each one and one of you there is a little shell that makes part of the big shell.

The place where the shell is situated is in your mind.

Your thoughts create waves, frequencies that create a thick layer that doesn’t allow penetration or exit of light.


The first step in this process is to choose if you want to take off the shell and if you would like to see reality in another way, more lighted, which is not necessary more easy. It is to see reality as it is, and not as your mind tells you that it is.


After you chose, and if you chose that you want to do it, then you have to start observing and identifying the waves, the frequencies of the shell. You can see the effect of the shell in your thoughts.


The kind of thoughts that come from the shell and block the light are:

Thoughts that are thick, means, that bring heaviness, troublesome or worry.

Thoughts that are closing your thinking to one possibility and don’t open you to many possibilities.

Thoughts that are telling you how bad you are, or how bad are the others or the reality around you.

Thoughts that are telling you the known and don’t open any space to the un-known.

Thoughts that describe you how much you are above or under the others.

Thoughts that separate you from the reality around you. When it is the others or your fault.


I would summarize and say, that any thought that brings to destruction, internal or external, does not come from divinity, does not come from the light.


After identifying you will probably realize that most of what you hear in your mind is coming from the shell. Don’t get desperate. It is already a very good step to identify all that.


The next step will be to choose again if you want to continue or you prefer at this point to give up the idea to take of the shell.


If you chose to continue, the next will be, to start to hear these thoughts without reacting to them, or giving them any importance.

And how do you do that?

When you notice a thought that comes from the shell, you just look at it and let it pass. Try not to let your emotions to wake up and participate. The emotions give volume and importance to these thoughts. Wait a moment (that sometimes can be a long moment for you as few days, but for the universe it is a little moment), and it will pass.

By doing that you actually chose the light.

After that this thought will not have any power on you, it will fade away.

Behind these thoughts hides your real power, your true nature of light, and it will shine up. You will feel the satisfaction and relief of not falling into the vibrations of the shell, and with the time you will feel that your resistance to the vibration of the shell will get stronger, and the process will get easier.


By doing all that you are actually slowing down the wave, the vibrations of the dark, and allowing more space for the light to shine out.


From the light,

With love,

This is Michael.

Thank you.